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[Description]: A remake of the (in)famous Misfortune.GB that I made back in 2013. It's got a few bugs and pieces of text missing, but that won't be seen in my future games, or at least not if I can help it. It was my first game and I kinda rushed it, so it's not as polished as it should be. The story's okay, but I could've done better by extending the game and making the story longer.

[Easter Eggs]

[Another Creepypasta]: When you encounter the lone gravestone, hit the "yes" option to see a guest appearance by another creepypasta. It will give you a game over, but the reference is still nice.


[Ghost Tiles]: Though it's more of a mistake than a glitch, there is one room with tiles that can be walked through.

[Petrified By A Puzzle]: This one is the bane of my existence. If you push a block all the way to a hole, wall, or the edge of the screen and push it again, the block won't be able to go any further and you'll end up getting stuck in the process. I won't let that happen in any of my future projects.

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Published261 days ago
Tagscreepypasta, dx, gb, misfortune
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Open Misfortune.exe and play it.


Misfortune.exe (73 MB)

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